Motorized Window Shades


Manual Window Treatments Shouldn’t Create Stress

Poor lighting, whether too dark or too bright, shouldn’t be an inconvenience in your home. Out-of-reach cords with inconsistent strength can cause life-altering accidents. If you want to keep a sound mind in your living areas, you need a solution that removes the need to reach for high objects. Make your shades easy to raise and lower with motorized controls! Adding motorized window controls means you can live in a well-lit home and make simple lighting adjustments at the touch of a button.


Common problems with traditional window treatments

Stay aware of these potential problems with traditional window treatments:
  • 1 Hard to reach pull-cords cause strain and mishaps, especially for arthritic hands.
  • 2 Leaving blinds closed for convenience creates a dark and accident-prone living environment.
  • 3 Lack of cord strength allows for accidents and falls.


Motorized window treatments from Remodel Direct provide a safe method to opening and closing all your blinds or shades at the touch of a button. We offer two types of window treatment solutions for your home. Set up an appointment today to make complications at home disappear. Once a dealer assesses your home, you will receive a personalized recommendation for your window treatment needs. Installation is easy and fast. With our motorized window shades, you can enjoy modernized safety in your home!

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