Stair Lifts


Aging shouldn't mean losing your independence

Many people wish to stay in their houses as they age. Unfortunately, many houses have two stories, and most people do not feel comfortable walking up or down stairs on a regular basis. If you want to keep your independence in the home you care about, you need a solution that gives you relief from pain and fear. Make your house navigable again with a stair lift! Prevent accidents before they happen by planning in advance. Investing in a stair lift means you can stay in your home for life and enjoy both stories.


Common problems from stairs

Stay aware of these potential problems with multi-story homes:
  • 1 Railings can be loose, leading to falls
  • 2 People leave items that can be tripped on
  • 3 Stairs are exhausting to climb


Install a stair lift and enjoy your home again

The stair lifts at Remodel Direct provide peace of mind and comfort for people who want to remain safe yet independent within their home. We offer several types of stair lifts in three different formats – straight, curved or outdoor. Set up an appointment today to begin preparing your home for your future. Once a dealer assesses your home, you will receive a personalized recommendation to fit your needs. Installation is easy and fast. Preemptive measures to making your home safe will prevent stress, anxiety and any accidents. With our stair lifts, you can feel at home again!

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