Accidents at home shouldn’t be caused by inadequate lighting

Most older homes lack modern lighting systems with easy-to-use functions. Aging homeowners need simple lighting solutions, such as adequate lighting levels and manageable controls, to avoid accident-prone areas. Make your house bright again with a Remodel Direct lighting solution! Prevent pain and injuries by planning an appointment today.


Common problems from poor lighting

Stay aware of these potential problems with poor lighting:
  • 1 Low lighting during night time makes navigation difficult.
  • 2 Difficult knobs and controls cause pain to arthritic hands.
  • 3 Poorly lit areas are generally unsafe.


The lighting solutions from Remodel Direct restore adequate light throughout your home. Move from room to room with confidence during any time of day. We offer several types of lighting solutions. Set up an appointment today to safeguard your home. Once a dealer assesses your home, you will receive a personalized recommendation for lighting in your home. Installation is easy and fast, and it’s often same day. Taking these measures now will ensure a stress free life continued within home. With our lighting and simplified controls, you’ll never have trouble at home again!

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