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Unfortunately, many houses have small, dark closets with hanging rods that are hard to reach. Maintain your independence and daily life with a solution that offers safety and minimal reaching. Provide your closets with maximum visibility and easy access to all of your items. Adding lighted closet rods and wardrobe lifts means you can stay in your home with simple modifications. Prevent any accidents caused by strain or falling objects by calling Remodel Direct today.


Common problems with traditional closets

Stay aware of these potential problems with traditional closets:
  • 1 Out-of-reach objects invite slips and falls.
  • 2 A dark environment makes it difficult to navigate inside your closet.
  • 3 Reaching inaccessible high places can cause severe body strain.


Closet accessories from Remodel Direct offer convenient accessibility for those who want to easily reach clothing and shelves in closets.  We offer different types of closet solutions to account for your individual safety needs. Set up an appointment today to begin preparing your home for lasting inhabitance. Once a dealer assesses your home, you will receive a personalized recommendation to fit your closet storage needs. Installation is easy and fast. With our closet solutions, you’ll never have to change your daily routine!

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