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Most Bathroom Injuries Happen in the Bathtub

It’s likely you want to continue your everyday tasks without assistance. Unfortunately, classic high-wall bathtubs can cause many injuries. Continue living independently with a solution that relieves you from bathroom-prone accidents. Keep your livelihood secure with a walk-in tub! Remodel Direct also offers many styles of walk-in tubs to correlate with your bathroom’s decor. Protect yourself from a dangerous fall by calling us today.


Common problems with bathrooms

Stay aware of these potential problems with bathrooms
  • 1 Bathtubs require a large step to enter
  • 2 No sturdy grab bars or assistance devices
  • 3 No seating options inside the tub


Remodel Direct walk-in tubs provide a comfortable and safe way to bathe in your home. A walk-in tub removes any obstacles you may otherwise experience while bathing. Easy low-step entry, sturdy grab bars and ADA recommended seating height all ensure an optimal experience. Set up an appointment today to explore our bathroom safety products. Once a dealer assesses your home, you will receive a personalized recommendation on how to make your entire home safer. Installation can take as little as one day to complete and is always fast and easy. Take the first steps now in creating your safer environment. With our walk-in tubs, your day-to-day life will be easier!

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