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Aging homeowners often want to continue living in the comfort of their own home; however, many homes do not have accommodations for aging adults. If you want to maintain your way of living, you need solutions that eliminate any worry of accidents. Make your house your own again with accessory products from Remodel Direct! Plan in advance to create a safeguarded home that is unique to your needs.


Common problems found in traditional homes

Stay aware of these potential problems in traditional homes:
  • 1 No strong supports to grab or hold onto, leading to falls.
  • 2 High-walled bathtubs are difficult to climb over.
  • 3 Traditional door handles create painful arthritic experiences.


The accessories from Remodel Direct provide easy solutions to everyday problems in your home. We offer several types of accessories, from bathroom safety to easier door handle functions. Call us now to set up an appointment with a dealer to assess your home. Once a dealer assesses your home, you will receive a personalized plan of action to make your home livable again. In most cases, installation will be same-day. Take these measures now to prevent any future falls or arthritic pain.

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